Cake for Dinner was founded by 4 cake lovers! We believe that cake should be eaten for every occasion. All cakes are made from scratch using the finest ingredients and spices from around the world. All cakes are created by Adrienne, who has a diploma in Food and Nutrition from Centennial College and is a graduate from George Brown baking program.

Adrienne is a cake enthusiast who will tell you her that pastry books are her novels. She has been baking and collecting recipes from around the world since she was 8 years old. She was raised in Jamaica with cocoa trees, cashew trees and even coffee trees in her backyard.

Adrienne is passionate about baking and cooking all different types of food. She has been baking and creating cakes for many years, and is known for her traditional Jamaican Rum Cake (her recipe is over 100 years old!).

Now we’re sharing her cakes with you at our online bakery and select shows in Toronto. We specialize in mini cakes, custom cakes, cupcakes and Jamaican specialty desserts.